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Lost Acres Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation
Home of Champions
Sissy Burggraf
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LAHRR's horses enjoy grazing in the fields
LAHRR's horses enjoy grazing in the fields.
Holly is a 21 year old Quarter Horse and is blind.
Imperial Princess is a 25 year old Appy, and Timber is a 16 year old Saddlebred.  Both are blind.  They are seen here grazing together.
Marty gets his teeth cleaned.
Sassy is a 17 year old Paint and is blind.
Horse barn.
A 4H group volunteers their day to work at LAHRR.
Visiting day with Chris, an 8 year old blind Thoroughbred.
Our Perchron gets his feet trimmed by farrier, Randy Caldwell.
Chance: A 24 year old  blind Standardbred.
Benny: Abused 2 year old Tennessee Walker before rehabilitation.
Benny: Abused 2 year old Tennesse Walker after rehabilitation.
A few of our blind horses grazing in their field.
Chris is an eight year old Thoroughbred that was born blind in one eye.
Colton is an eight year old Paint with Wobbler's Syndrome.
Glory: Horse with ruptured eye.  Eye was rehabilitated.
Severe Cases
Ginger, a 20 yr old Standardbred, came to LAHRR with multiple injuries; including torn suspensories and being 400 pounds underweight.
Ginger's injuries.
Ginger's injuries.
After a year, Ginger was much improved but had to be euthanized when her legs couldn't withstand her weight gain.
The cause of this injury to colt was unkown.
Colt's injuries starting to heal.
Today, there is no sign of any injury.
Hock laceration.
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